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Service #1 Need System Installed

GE Security Simon XT Wireless Alarm System - Monthly Monitoring $24.99 and up

Simon XT™ is a cost-effective security system that offers up to 40 zones of burglary and fire protection, and which complies with (SIA) Security Industry Association False Alarm Standards. With a built-in display touchpad and a status speaker that provides visual and voice messages for feedback, Simon XT is well suited for houses, apartments, and businesses.

Simon XT Basic Kit Service

Simon XT Panel (1)
The Simon XT panel offers security features such as arming and disarming, two-way communication, easy-to-read and user-friendly display, and a wireless design for quick and easy installation.

Maximum Life Crystal Door/Window Sensors (3)
Featuring two-axis sensing and 10+ year maximum battery life, these wireless sensors are designed to monitor doors, windows, cabinets or virtually anything that opens.

PIR Motion Detector (1)
Featuring advanced signal processing, this detection device identifies the movement of a person within a specific area by sensing the infrared energy and is capable of eliminating the possibility of false alarms due to pets.

Four-Button Keychain Remote (1)
The powerful touchpad acts as an electronic key to arm or disarm security systems. The recessed buttons prevent false alarms

Yard Sign (1)

Window Decals

Service #2 System Already Installed

If you already have a security system installed. We will simply schedule a technician to come out and reprogram your system.

                                                Additional Optional Equipment Available:
                                                • Panel Options
                                                • Two-Way Talking Touch Screen
                                                • Wireless Motion Detector
                                                • Extra Wireless Keychain Remotes
                                                • Extra Wireless Door/Window Sensors
                                                • Video Cameras
                                                • Extra Wireless Remotes
                                                • Cellular Panel


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Additional Optional Equipment Available:

Two-Way Talking Touch Screen

Simon XTi Panel

Glassbreak Sensor

Video Doorbell