Keep a Close Eye on Your Property

Invest in video monitoring for your business in Charlotte, NC

Businesses face a lot of security risks, whether you're worried about stolen inventory or proprietary information. You need an effective video monitoring system for your office building. Silver Shield Security LLC will install a doorbell camera for your commercial property in Charlotte, NC.

Your business needs around-the-clock video monitoring. Schedule your doorbell camera installation today by calling 704-440-4688.

Make sure your family is safe

We follow a three-step process to protect and alert you of any trouble outside your home. Our process is as follows:



We'll take care of your doorbell camera installation so you have a well-equipped system to protect your property.



With continuous video monitoring and recording, you'll have full access to the information captured by your cameras.



If there's anything out of the ordinary happening outside your home, you'll receive a notification directly to your Google smartphone.